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Hunger Pangs

We are well into the month that causes many of us to look at our life and do an accounting of the things we're thankful for. Despite all the upheaval and chaos that surrounds us in the this world, we do have much to be thankful for. Not just for the material things of life but for the freedom to assemble and worship the Lord, and for the salvation of our souls. There are many who are denied what we sometimes take for granted.

Some time ago, I was hungry and really wanted a candy bar. I didn't have very much change in my wallet at the moment, but I dug around in my purse and found the amount I needed to buy that candy bar and satisfy the persistent craving in my belly.

As I found the correct change, I thought of Esau and the hunger pangs that drove him to sell his birthright. He could have rummaged in the food storage chest and found something to hold him over till mealtime, but his hungry belly said "I want hot food NOW!" He gave in to his craving, paid the asking price, and the rest is history!

Hunger will drive the human mind to say OK to many things. It will drive people to commit acts they would not otherwise consider. Third world countries show the devastating effects of such starvation. It is heartbreaking to view such scenes and realize that even in a world of plenty there is still great hunger.

Even more heartbreaking is the fact that there is a famine of another kind in our world - a famine not of food but of the hearing of the Word of the Lord. There are people dying every day who have never heard that Jesus loves them an wants to save them.

If we have as great a hunger to see those souls fed as we do to feed our bodies, then we will surely endeavor to reverse the effects of their soul starvation. How much am I willing to sacrifice to satisfy that hunger? How urgent is my hunger for revival?

Lord, give me hunger pangs! Not for food for my body, but a hunger for souls. Don't let me be guilty of salvation starvation! When I have done all I possibly can to see souls saved from sin and on the right road, then I will truly be able to rejoice with Thanksgiving in my heart!

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