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Empowering young people with the whole armor of God in an age when it is not popular is what RLC youth ministries is all about. Helping teens and young adults know what they believe, why the believe it and cultivating lasting friendships centered on Jesus is the focus. We seek to raise another generation that has the fire and passion necessary to take the Gospel forward in the 21st century. 

  • Youth class meets every Wednesday night

  • Bible studies & fellowships most Friday's

  • Youth rallies take place each month

  • Community service and fundraisers

  • Summer Camps

Image by S. H. Gue

Koach Youth Ministries

Childrens Ministries

  • PUPS class every Wednesday night

  • Children's Church Sunday Mornings

  • Vacation Bible School

  • Summer Camps

Who says living for God has to be dull? At RLC, children are exposed to a life with God that is fun and exciting! Real life lessons for children today and the knowledge of the Word of God is taught on a weekly basis in a way that children not only can grasp and understand, but can apply to their lives. We love our kids at RLC! 

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