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God's Trinkets

Do you love a bargain? Do you ever dream of finding a little trinket hidden away in great-aunt Susie's attic, and then discovering on Antiques Roadshow that it's worth hundreds, maybe even thousands, of dollars?

Well, we were once like that little trinket. Only we were hidden away in the attic of our own sins, covered in filthy rags of unrighteousness, and almost thrown out as trash. 'Till one day, the great Redeemer found us, cleaned us up, filled us with His righteousness and thereby gave us value. (Eph 5:26-27, Titus 3:3-6)

I wasn't very much of a bargain

As I sat there on sin's garbage pile.

I presented such a broken appearance

I remained there for quite a while.

In my sore and troubled spirit

I was desperately searching for worth.

I wanted so badly to hear someone say

They would give me a chance. A rebirth.

I used to be valued as a beautiful vessel

I served very well as designed.

But one day I fell from my place of honor

To the scrap heap I was consigned.

Now the sun and the rain have weathered my face.

I don't recognize my own self.

I'd give anything if I could go back home

And regain my old place on the shelf.

Oh, hallelujah! A Master Collector stopped by today!

He said I have value. I'm a vessel of worth!

He paid more for me than I could believe.

Now I'm saved! I'm redeemed! I'm rebirthed!

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